• Happy doggies: A complete superfood with nutritional support for a healthy inflammatory response and bone health, joint strength, and flexibility.
  • Natural Multivitamin: Supergreens provide essential vitamins and minerals for healthy skin, coat, and energy levels.
  • Healthy Poops: A balanced source of soluble and prebiotic fiber, protease, and digestive enzymes support bowel regularity, a strong gut, and healthy digestion.
  • Organic: Green is good. To protect our pets and our environment, our certified organic products are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and chemical processing.
  • Real Superfoods: Pets love our supplements because they're made with only real superfoods and nothing else. No GMOs and no grains. They taste good and can be easily sprinkled on top of any type of diet.
  • Vet Formulated: Each and every ingredient is vet chosen and approved to ensure your pets get all the nutrition they need naturally. Certified cruelty-free.


The formula features benefits that support skin, hip and joint, gut, digestion, immune function, heart and liver health, brain, eye, and urinary health, antioxidants and performance for head to tail functional support.

Supplements are easy when they're real food. Mix in the bowl or sprinkle right on top! Go slow and work up to the recommended daily serving. And, yes, supplements are tasty, but not full meals. Your pet still needs to eat their regular meals. Vet recommended for all life cycles for dogs six weeks and older.




  • Increase serving size in case of sickness and disease.
  • For picky eaters, trick them by adding to their favorite treats or food.


*My Vendoor is an Authorized Distributor of Nature's Vet Products

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