• Gentle and powerful electric nasal aspirator that remove your baby's mucus without making much noise, so your baby can breathe easier and sleep soundly
  • Has 5 levels of suction power and 2 sizes of soft reusable silicone tips 
  • Two suction nozzles are made of food grade soft silicone. The gourd-type silicone tip is for newborn babies and the funnel-type tip is for children over 2 years old
  • Provides perfect suction for every size of nose while not harming your baby's delicate sinuses
  • Safe and reliable 
  • Has ergonomic design, zero screw exposure, and controlled by the simple push of a button that allows one-handed use
  • Comes with USB cable for charging
  • Anti-reflux design can prevent the snot from flowing back into the nose
  • Suitable for newborn, infant, toddlers and kids of all ages
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • No little nooks and crannies that can build up
  • Simply open the detachable tips and wash the collection cup with hot or soapy water
  • The body is not waterproof 
  • You'll never worry again about exposing your baby to bacteria or mold
  • This is the perfect gift for a new mother

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