• Our Dog Tooth Cleaner solves the world’s most widespread problem among dogs – Oral Disease. It’s STRESSLESS for dogs and EFFORTLESS for parents.
  • Research suggests that 84% of dogs by the age of two suffer from periodontal disease! If left untreated, this silent ailment can cause heart and lung diseases, systemic diseases of kidneys and the liver, diabetes complications, and even cancer.
  • This is a new way for pet lovers to take control of the oral health of their dogs. Let your dog do the work!
  • Light to moderate chewing effortlessly cleans your dog's teeth to the gum-line.
  • This is not a toy!  Only use this toothbrush under your supervision for 2-4 minutes daily!
  • Safe Food Grade Material : This is safe for your dogs, thanks to the non-toxic natural rubber which will not be damaged easily by your dog. Soft texture is designed to avoid hurting your dogs, while also help them clean their teeth deeply.
  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning is extremely easy and simple. It can be washed directly with water and soap. To prevent bacterial growth, this brush should be cleaned before and after using time.
  • 360 Degree Cleaning: This doggie tooth cleaner is covered with bristles on the four sides. The product have stabilizing paw pads to encourage your dogs to chew the stick from all directions, in order to clean even hard-to-reach back molars.


  • Let your dog use the toothbrush for 2-4 minutes daily always under your supervision to make sure that he/she is biting it correctly especially if your dog tends to tear apart everything. The tooth cleaner is a soft rubber material for slow non-aggressive use only.
  • *Note: If your dog needs some time in order to get used to the tooth cleaner, you can add some food on the bristles for 1-2 days and once he/she gets used to it, you can switch to the normal cleaning method immediately! 
    Why buy this?
    • Reduces bad breath.
    • Keeps your dog's teeth clean.
    • Lowers chance of many diseases.


    Color: Green

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