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₱750.00 ₱1,150.00
Designed with rounded blade edges Great for removing loose undercoat, mats, tangles, and knots without scratching your pet’s skin. Helps to prevent pulling pet’s hairs Comfortable and safe Used for grooming, deshedding safely, and even...

₱950.00 ₱1,590.00
Cordless animal hair trimmer The hair clipper can be used in all areas from paw to mouth The clipper has several caps for different lengths: 4-6 mm / 16-18 mm / 28-30 mm The cordless...

₱690.00 ₱1,250.00
Our Dog Tooth Cleaner solves the world’s most widespread problem among dogs – Oral Disease. It’s STRESSLESS for dogs and EFFORTLESS for parents. Research suggests that 84% of dogs by the age of two suffer from periodontal disease! If left untreated,...
✔ 99% DOGS SURVIVED CAR ACCIDENT WITH DogTravel™ BELT --- Restrain your pooch from running off after a crash and getting hit with another vehicle. American Automobile Association reports that merely 16% of 43.3 million...

₱890.00 ₱1,800.00
  High Quality: This pet picker is made of high quality materials. The handle is large and comfortable to hold. Spring-loaded buckets are properly sealed for quick and easy collection of waste with a simple...
Material: Stainless Steel Specification: Large 15x2.5cm Weight 98g Plastic handle, non-slip Strong spring and security lock Prevent cutting the nail too deeply; Comfortable handle
The PetZoom Auto Pet Seat Cover is the perfect solution that protects your vehicle from dirt, dander and damage, keeping it clean no matter what your pet gets into. Made of waterproof, heavy gauge material,...
Anti-mange herbal cream Proven and traditionally used to cure and prevent mange and other skin diseases among house pets Anti-bacterial Anti-fungal Net Wt.: 15g
Great for Pets Removes ticks and flea from your dog Ideal for new vaccinated dogs that can't take a bath Extra mild and soft for your dog's coat Easy to use Bearing Tick & Flea...
This collar controls fleas for up to 3 months. Aids in the control of ticks on dogs for up to 3 months Use Bioline Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs year round for most effective...

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