• This Modern Kitchen Rack is adjustable so it will provide you more options to organize pots with different sizes.
  • This height and position adjustable pot holders store up to 9 frying pans, sauce pans, griddles or pots of various sizes. It’s a perfect solution for storing all the pot and pan, saving you lots of space in the kitchen or in cabinet and countertop.
  • This pot rack organizer made by heavy duty iron. It’s very firm and elegant.
  • It has solid triangular design which is more stable and less likely to fall.
  • There are two unique designs for installation methods. The pot lid rack coming with 8 adjustable tiers, you can either install 8 tiers on one side of the pan rack or install 4 tiers on both sides of the pan rack.
  • When this rack is used as a lid holder, a special deep U-shaped groove design securely holds the lid in place. In addition, the deep U shape ensures that the small pans/pots remains stable in the tier without slipping, and the removable rubber tube prevents the pan from moving.




Height: 14.96 inches (38 cm)

Length: 9.05 inches (20.5 cm)


Tier at one side: 10.82 inches (28cm)

Tier at two sides: 20.47 inches (53cm)

Package Included: A holder; 8 adjustable tiers;

Quick Installation: The rack comes with everything you need and can be set up in less than 1 minute. 



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